Jumping in…Stepping back…

The title of today’s post came quickly to me. It is the perfect description for where my business is about to go and where I feel 2012 is taking me.

I have long been a photographer who has made the mistake of specializing in “everything” so basically I specialize in “nothing”. Harsh words, but they are very true. If you spread yourself so thin and try to do everything, then most things will suffer greatly.

Photography is a 100% learning process every single day. Whether I learn things about myself personally, about my camera or about photoshop, my skills and passions are ever changing. If we find ourselves at a stand-still…then get moving.

I want to give 100% of myself to each hat that I wear. I’m a Mom who homeschools her children full time, a wife who invests in my marriage, I partner with my husband in ministry, I’m a friend, a sister, an Aunt and until now, a photographer who photographed “everything”.  I feel God has given me stronger talents for certain areas of photography and I want to pursue those areas further.

This is why I, as a photographer, am announcing that I will from now on only specialize in family, child and couple photography with my main focus on family connections. I love photographing families. All types. All sizes. All walks of life. The more kids the merrier.

I also love photographing married or engaged couples. Always during my photo sessions I take a few moments to photograph mom and dad together, in each other’s arms. As much kissing and holding as they want while the kids are safely playing close by. Sometimes I even find myself holding a toddler and shooting one handed just so that mom and dad can have a few photos of themselves. Sometimes I am able to catch the look…you know the one…the one that gets buried sometimes in the midst of laundry, bills, 4 kids and getting dinner on the table. The secret look that only a man and wife know, the look that says “..these kids are crazy! But we are still hot for each other…”

A session that only includes a couple, married or engaged will now be called “beloved” sessions. Why? #1, because the word “beloved” means: “greatly loved, dear to the heart” and “a person who is greatly loved”. #2, My own name, Amy, means “beloved”. I love LOVE and I love capturing love on camera within a family or couple.

I also have a new FAQ page that gives a bit more info about me and also answers some questions I get asked a lot. So… if you are looking for a senior, wedding or event photographer, then I have some great recommendations for you. If you are looking for a family, child or engagement photographer…then I’m your gal :)

To say I am excited is an understatement! I am so excited to venture into this new discovery of mine…of really going for the area of photography I am passionate about. I feel it will reflect in my work and in my customer service.

If you would like more information about a photo session with me, please use my contact form!

Since no post is complete without a photo, here’s a wonderful Mom who received her princess after having her house full of blue :)



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