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June Photography Challenge Day 14: Eyes

Eyes…mine…with an insane amount of makeup on them and no glasses. Pretty much not me at all. But hey, I was attempting to think outside the box. I washed it all off immediately after taking the photos :) Day 14: Eyes

June Photo Challenge Day 6: From a Low Angle

I don’t shoot often from low angles, I really prefer to get above my subject and since my subjects tend to be tiny people anyway, it is easy to always shoot from above or straight on. It was good for me to get down on the floor (taking photos of the dog which didn’t turn...

June Photo Challenge Day 5: From A High Angle

This track has basically been up all weekend, each child contributing to it, moving pieces, connecting bridges and dragging trains across it. I love how the kids can ignore certain toys for weeks and then one day…it is all they want to play with for hours on end. Taken with at 18mm, 3.5f, 1/60, iso1600...

June Photo Challenge Day 3: Clouds

I had to take a picture of clouds today. I figured, not so hard, I’ll just point my camera up to the sky and there you go…except that California weather is having a personality disorder and the whole sky is one big cloud. It should not be this cold in June! We should either be...

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