I’m going that’a way…..

I’m not really sure what to make of 2010. It was challenging, but not as intense as years past. I learned a lot about myself, about who I am and about the person that I am definitely not. This was a year of growth, I felt my heart and my confidence grew a thousand times over. I got really good at saying…nope…this is who I am…and this is who I am not. I’m going THAT way and no one can stop me :)

I really feel like I watched my kids grow this year. It started with Zach as he went into Kindergarten…

…with Abby as she began to speak like a teenager and talk to me like a friend…

…with Lily…as she became a true to life little girl who completes her family. Oh my she brings me joy!

…and with a little boy who isn’t even mine, but his presence in our family is healing.

At times 2010 was painful but I am thankful we went through it. I am so very thankful for life and for hope and for possibility even in the face of evil. I can’t describe the reality of character that I have seen this year. Images and situations that I hope against all hope my children will be spared from. Pedestals have been crushed and light has been shown. It has only brought me closer to the One who is perfect in every way. So I choose to move on…to live in the freedom of Christ and of truth. Stand on truth…that is what I learned from last year.

In 2010 I had the opportunity to photograph some amazing people. I saw couples fall in love and fall in love again. I saw babies be born and babies grow up. I got to teach and to meet new people with the same passion I have. I also got to document my kids’ little lives, to take their photos and to enjoy them as a mom who is still called “Mommy” should.

In 2011 I am praying that I am able to take photos of MORE babies, couples & families. I pray that I personally pick up the camera more, documenting our lives as fleeting as they are. I want to write more, share more, and live in the passions God has given me. I’m excited about what is to come! I know in my heart my business hasn’t even scratched the surface of what it could be and I have a wonderful feeling that this is my year…

Happy New Year…may 2011 be *totally awesome* :)

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