(For the entire month of February I am photographing my children each day. This is a personal project dear to my heart. Thank you for stopping by!)

Two days ago my Grandpa, my Mom’s Dad, passed away at 86 years old. He missed his wife, he was sick, he loved Jesus and he needed to go HOME. My sisters and I, along with my Mom went to see him the night he passed. For that I am truly thankful and I am also thankful God took him home just hours after we left. No more suffering.

There’s nothing like a death in the family to get you thinking. I think about my own Dad and how much I love him. He is a Grandpa of 6 grandkids and they are so blessed to have him. I think about family and friends who don’t know the Lord…or at least are not making Him Lord of their lives. I think about my Grandpa, my Dad’s Dad, who is still with us and his kind and caring new wife.  A friend on my Facebook wall said it wonderfully…”Grandpa’s are special people”.

Abby was helping me take a photo specifically honoring my Grandpa…but after she flashed me her “I’m done with photos” sad look…I felt it encompassed how my family is feeling right now.

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