(For the entire month of February I am photographing my children each day. This is a personal project dear to my heart. Thank you for stopping by!)

In the world of photography, things don’t usually go as planned. Sometimes it is a wonderful thing, you end up taking shots that you never imagined, and sometimes a vision or a dream has to be put aside due to the weather or a crying child or some other instance beyond your control.

Zach was my choice of child for today’s photo. He was doing great, posing, giggling, having fun. Then I asked him to jump for me…and he fell…skinned his finger. Of course I felt bad, I always do. You want to experience guilt like never before? Become a mother. My dear boy doesn’t take pain very well…meaning…at all. You would think it was a broken bone he cries so hard. This is real life for him and for me. The tears he cries I try my best to wipe away and pray over the owies and hope it all gets better. I know tiny scrapes will be put into perspective one day…but until then…

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