In the midst of the chaos of a busy morning, the fights and the arguments over cereal or blocks or lost blankies…they do love each other…they do call each other their best friends…they do. As a mom it is my job to capture that and to encourage it. My prayer over them is that they will always love each other, they will always be close.  I pray they will always treat each other with kindness.  The arguments they have in their adulthood will quickly be forgiven and that their characters will remain true to how we raised them.

Loving.  Respectful.  Decent.  Kind.  Honest.  Passionate about God.

If you have visited my blog during this February challenge, thank you so much. I appreciate it more than you know. I hope you have been inspired or encouraged to start your own challenge or just to take more photos of your kids.

My loves….my three.

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