Where’d I go?…(pinkletoes workshop)

It’s not like me to vanish off the face of the earth…but believe me I had good reasons!! In the very last minute, I jumped on a plane and spent four A-MAZE-ING days in Austin, Texas. Not exactly a city on my “must visit before I die” list but it is definitely on my “need to visit again” list! I am part of the Pinkletoes PT4P and Michele Anderson the creator and founder hosted workshops out of her home studio. It was a dream come true to spend a few days being taught by her, hanging out with absolutely wonderful photographers and making life long friendships. Not a moment was wasted, even our down time was full of chatter about photography and life and FUN.

I came home with some exciting new things for my business. If you are a future client of Amy Schuff Photography, or would like to be…then get excited! Good things are coming your way…

Until then, here is just one photo of the many many I took during the workshop. I’ll be posting quite a few different blog entries as we had the opportunity to photograph numerous beautiful and just plain lovely models.

This little sweet pea will always hold a special place in my heart…

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