The first of many…

My only son…lost his first tooth tonight. All Moms out there know exactly how I feel. So excited for him, proud of him, glad that he is growing up and gets to show off his toothless smile to his friends. But…I could cry right now about it. He lost a tiny baby tooth…and I immediately think about him graduating, moving away and getting married, leaving his Mommy…by then he won’t even call me Mommy. Can you see how the spiraling starts?? I’m going to go cuddle him while he sleeps now…(and all the fellow pathetic moms say Amen!) :) :)

I love this picture…he looks absolutely terrified, my poor boy! Pray for his teeth please…there are two already growing in and they look as crooked as they could ever look! Pray straightness for those blessed teeth!

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Photography for Oklahoma's Families