June Photography Challenge Day 10: Childhood Memory

It’s late. This photo should have been posted yesterday. But I didn’t take it until late in the evening. Just looking at it I’m positive it doesn’t make sense to anyone why it would be a photo to remind me of a childhood memory…but I will forever remember tonight and where I took this photo. My family and I went to Old Sacramento to hang out and play. Old Sacramento holds a special place in my heart and it started with home school field trips to the Railroad Museum. Now I love Old Sac because we got engaged there, my family plays there, I’ve had some of the most fun photo shoots there. So I guess it’s not just a childhood memory, it is a forever memory that begun when I was just a child but is still true to my heart today.

Here is my little Lily, hair blowing in the wind, with the Railroad Museum, rustic train and old historic buildings far in the background.

Day 10: Childhood Memory
Old Sacramento Child Photographer

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