Photography Challenge: Animals (& adding to my camera bag)…

UPS was kind enough to drop off a new lens at my door. Sure, I had to pay for it…but UPS were the real heros when they didn’t smash the lens on the way to my house. I had been debating over this purchase for a long time, do I hold off and save and buy a better lens for quadruple the amount of an off-brand? I needed something like…yesterday…so I purchased a new Tamron 28-75 2.8f. This is a lens that I had purchased used a few years ago and it broke shortly after. I am certain it was a bad copy as well (did you know each lens can be slightly different? The sharpness of your lens may be due to the copy you received from the manufacturer).

Instead of purchasing the Nikon equivalent (which I have rented two times and absolutely love), I decided to test out the Tamron and see how it does. I’m not 100% sold on it yet, we’ll see how the next month goes as I continue to use it and see how it weathers at sessions. I’ll keep you posted :)

Here’s some test shots of Lily with her favorite animal at the moment “Penguin” (and nope…these were not taken while camping…I’m making my own rules again!)

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