On Facebook I’ve been admiring everyone’s photos of their children on their first day of school. So many little babies have turned around and are now starting 1st grade, 2nd…3rd. Us proud Mama’s snap photos to remember exactly what our children looked like on that very first day of semi-independence. Some of us (me) will/have shed tears, some put on a brave face, some glee with joy at the prospect of being able to go to the bathroom uninterrupted while the kids are away.

Then some of us choose to keep our kids home. There are so many reasons why families homeschool. Mine is simple, the school that the kids went to last year, the amazing, life giving school that we could afford had to close and the public schools here leave much to desire. This is what my kids need, this is how our family does it. I love that no two families are alike, that is a big reason why family photography is my favorite…I love seeing the different ways parents relate to their children, all hoping for the best.

So now I have a 3rd grader, 1st grader, and pre-preschooler at home with me. How am I going to do it? I have an amazing Mom who was my own teacher until the 10th grade. She, my husband and I will all be collaborating together to give our kids the richest education possible. You’re going to see a lot of what we do here on the blog. I have to be able to share, I have to have support.

I had a great conversation with my Mom today. Through tears I told her, “I’m not one of those Moms”…meaning…the Moms who do it all. If you could see my house at any day of the week…it is lived in to say the least. I’m nowhere near a Super Mom. I often let my kids eat cookies for snack *gasp!* and sometimes I can’t remember when was the last time I bathed Lily.

I guess I’m real. I guess I will have to do. I think homeschooling will be a big stretch for me, since I got pretty used to the kids going to school last year. But with my Jesus as the Great Teacher…I know that I can do it. Wow, my house is really going to look like a wreck now!!

I guess I need a new globe too…

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