Summer Baby…

I’m convinced she was made for the summer. She’s danced around in little skirts, tank tops and bare feet all Summer. Some days I wouldn’t get her out of her pajamas, and her bathing suit was just her Minnie mouse undies. The kids started school at home and she’s right along there with us. At times she is interested in what we are doing, other times she is more happy to play with her “Hello Kitty” dolls or torment the dog to no end. Even though I have all three kids at home with me this year, I still feel happy that she is “home with me” while the kids are in/doing school. That may not have made sense at all, but she is still my baby that gets to play with toys all day, needs me to guide her little voice in how to not yell over every little thing, she isn’t required to learn her ABC’s or know what the number 2 looks like. She’s just a baby…my Summer Baby.

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