Crafty….Christmas Wreath

I happen to love wreaths, but unfortunately didn’t own a single one…until I made one 🙂 I don’t consider myself a very crafty person, but I am making an attempt to change that! I love my new little Christmas wreath!



What you need to make this wreath:

A strong piece of wire, I used a wire hanger

About 60-80 christmas bulbs, in various sizes

Strong string or rope


A glue gun & glue sticks

There are so many tutorials out there that you can look up on how to make this wreath, so I’m just going to tell you what mistakes I made so you don’t make them!

Make sure you glue gun all the little tops to the bulbs, I thought I could skip this part…but when I started putting them on the wire, they would all pop off and a few even broke, (shatter..on the concrete when I was trying to hang the finished product, so all the bulbs came off and had to be glued.)

Forget trying to make a pattern out of the colors (if you use multiple colors like I did). It isn’t worth the time because the bulbs fall naturally where they want.

Grab a helper, Abby was super helpful and put the bulbs on with me after the 4th time of trying to get this wreath to work.

This wreath is not held up by the ribbon, a thick piece of string is holding it up, the ribbon is just for show.

The bulbs are not strong enough to be put on a door. I wanted this to hang on the outside front door, but every time the door would shut, I am sure a bulb would break or fall off. This wreath is hung in my living room on a wall.

So! If you skip all my mistakes, this wreath can be made in about 15 mns! This craft cost me $0, I had all the supplies at home and the blubs were being given away last year by a local store and I kept them all year waiting for a good idea 🙂

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