Today is/was my birthday. It started out lovely and ended amazing. I truly love my birthday. I don’t mind getting older, I feel life just gets better, more relaxing, more busy, but it’s a good busy.

I took my eldest to share my free birthday ice cream this afternoon. Yes, I am still a kid and love mint chocolate chip ice cream very much. So does Abby, she is a joy to hang out with.

This photo also begins a personal daily photo project. I have been inspired by multiple photographer friends who not only photograph their life daily, but also blog about it. I always have my camera phone on me and take about a thousand photos a month just on my phone. I Instagram daily as well. My challenge though, will be to pick up my brand new professional camera and blog daily. Some photos will be my kids, some just of my life, some color, some black & white. Some won’t be edited very much (like the one above!) and some I’ll edit greatly. I have no rules, just to shoot photos of my life and share them. So stick with me, join me and let’s see what the next month, 6 months or year brings.

(Instagram photos!!)

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