To my fellow Mommies…Thank You.

I want to say thank you for the lovely response to my last blog post. I have to admit a secret, I had that post in the “drafts” folder of my blog for about a month. I kept hearing a very tiny but strong voice say to me that I shouldn’t post it. The voice told me it wasn’t relevant, I haven’t been a Mom long enough to share it and that no one would read the words that I painfully wrote from my heart.

Then another Voice (note the capital V!), a stronger and louder Voice told me to stop being baby and post it. Really. That Voice told me to not be scared and that I, as a Mom, wife, business owner and woman in my 30’s has something to share.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

This really marks a change for me, a welcome change that has been in the making for about a year now. All the posts in my “draft” folder are itching to be sprung from their little bloggy hideaway and I for one, am excited to be used through writing and just plain ole’ sharing my heart.

Yesterday’s blog post spurred some comments and questions from a few readers. I’m writing right now a post on how our family works, the ins & outs and responsibilities that I have placed on my kids in the past year or so. I realize every family is wonderfully unique and different, but I do feel that a few of the ways we do things can apply to families in general.

…and some pictures for this post…my 4 year old and what she loves to do…






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