My kind of family photo…(Auburn Family Photography)

Just a family being a family…that’s my kind of family photograph :)


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  • Heather - This would be on my mantle. Swoon! Have I ever told you how much I love your work???:)ReplyCancel

  • Country Life – A Family in Auburn « Amy Schuff: Sacramento, CA's Family and Child Photographer - […] One sweet girl in a pretty dress says hi through her dazzling blue eyes and goldilocks hair and I know right away that she will be my sidekick. The kids show me their rooms, their dogs and their baby brother. They also show me outside and school me on what poison oak looks like. I definitely show I’m a city girl in that instant! I don’t waste any time though, my camera is already out of my bag. I could stay there for hours, just photographing this family and their home, but the sun is starting to beat down on us and I know the kids are ready to get onto their day of a movie and ice cream promised by their way cool parents. I think to myself a session like that would be a lot of fun…ice cream and a movie. I give and get hugs goodbye and I drive away not as a stranger anymore but as someone who feels privileged to be a part of a few hours of this wonderful family’s day. […]ReplyCancel

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