help me please…I’m a homeschooling mother…

The moment I realized I was supposed to homeschool our children I immediately called my mom. My mom is an amazingly wise woman and since she homeschooled all my siblings at one point or another and homeschooled me until 10th grade…I knew she was the one I needed to ask for help. From recommending curriculum to listening to me talk about 3rd grade woes to taking the kids to her house for a day of science…she has been with me every step of the way. She isn’t 100% involved, I don’t co-homeschool with her exclusively, but sets me in a good path and lets me figure the rest out… I know I have her if I need help.

Then there’s my husband. Believe me when I say I could not homeschool and work without that man. Since I also run a photography business, I have to have time away from the bustle of the house to edit photos and interact with clients. I’ve done the “Mommy is on the computer now please don’t bother me until I’m done editing these photos turn on another episode of Dora the Explorer, mmmkay??” I spent a good year in my computer, building my business, creating documents, learning how to edit photos and missing out on my kids’ childhood while they were right behind me. I will never do that again. So the option is either quit photography or get help. The husband is my help. He now takes over house and homeschool duties one day a week. I feel extremely blessed that he has such a wonderful flexible schedule and I know that is rare. Most moms I talk to do not have the luxury of their husbands having a flexible schedule and some dad’s don’t even want to be involved in homeschool. So maybe there is a friend that you can partner with? A fellow mom, an aunt or uncle, grandparents, a grown sister or can you reevaluate your spouse’s schedule so he is more involved?

The point is, if you’re trying to go this alone, then it will be a very lonely road. If you need help, you’re not the only one. No one has said a homeschool mom has to be a stand alone entity.

Daddy teaching Zach to build a house during our Summer trip to Mexico…



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