You must, have to be, no doubt about it…*called*…

Whenever I tell someone that I homeschool three children, usually the first things out of their mouth is, “Oh I could NEVER homeschool!” or “I don’t have the patience!” or even “I’m not smart enough to teach my kids!!” Honestly, I think all of those reasons aren’t valid at all, any mother who cares about their child’s education could, in theory, homeschool their children. But not every mother *should* homeschool their children. 

Look, the way you educate your children is your business, but I love how most moms make excuses as to why they don’t homeschool. Like I need a reason?! I don’t immediately tell them WHY I homeschool, so why should they tell me why they don’t?

Excuses are a part of the “guilt factor” and what brings us more guilt and worry than the thought that we are wrecking our children?

I know a lot of moms think that homeschooling is the best way to educate their children. Well…it is…if the Mom is actually CALLED to homeschool. I can say 100% I’m called to do what I do. I’m called to stay at home with my three kids, be their teacher, be their Mom and also be a photographer and in the ministry. I have a lot of callings. I’m positive you do too. Thankfully, we have different callings.

There are two things that a mother says that make me extremely happy when we talk about education. The first is that she is homeschooling and LOVES it. Maybe every single day isn’t amazing, but homeschooling is the right decision for their family. The second is that they have found a school, be it public or private, that they LOVE. The teachers are tuned into their child and they are having a blast. Maybe every single day isn’t amazing, but that school is the right decision for their family. 

The moral of the story…find your calling. Your family will be the better for it.



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