The gift of worship

Worship is a gift given to us by our Creator because He knows what we need. On days that are rough, a little slow, ones that the joy has been sucked out a bit…He urges us to get out of our own heads and just worship Him.

One of the best homeschool tools is some great worship music set in the middle of the table, or blasting through the livingroom speakers, or in headphones going through a child’s ears.

When one of my children shows any interest at all in a song that has come up on Pandora or is on a new album I bought, I stop and play it again. The other day “Give Me Jesus” on the new Bethel album “Tides” came on and Abby perked up. It’s a slow song, one that I wouldn’t think she would be interested in, but she was. We must have played it 20 times. Jesus was sitting in our sunroom with us that morning.

Today’s post is simple, I encourage you to incorporate worship into your every single day. Just having music on in the background can be so soothing and life giving. Instead of feeling frustrated or discouraged…worship.

“The joy of the Lord is your strength” Neh. 8:10

Some of our favorite songs right now…

“Hold Me” Jaime Grace

“Give Me Jesus” Bethel

“I Was Made for Love” Cory Asbury

The whole “Without Words” Bethel album…LOVE!!

“My Dear” Hunter Thompson

I really love the “All Sons and Daughters” station on Pandora. It’s very chill and great for just sweet background music. I also like KJ-52, Britt Nicole and Starfield. Now you tell ME what you enjoy listening to!


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