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I admit, for being such a adamant “beyond schooler” I was constantly stuck with the idea that when we had slower days than normal, we didn’t DO any school. It was a vicious cycle that I, for one, couldn’t figure out how to break free from until my mom gave me some amazing advice.

“Create a life lesson day template,” she said. It was like a light went off in my brunette headed brain.

Of course!! I’m her daughter, I should have been able to think that up myself, but sometimes we need the more experienced veteran homeschool moms to push us along.

What this “life lesson day template” means is this… what does a day look like when it is just a day living life? What learning opportunities are already there that you’re discounting as part of your homeschool experience? This could be pretty much anything, from
trips to the grocery store where you involve your children, to wading ponds and discovering pollywogs. Is your idea of not “doing anything” actually the days that your children learn the most?

Here are some things that I’ve written down that may take place on just a normal life living day. This list is just a snapshot of ideas and can be greatly expounded upon. Every family is different so if you have some ideas, let me know in the comments!! Just to clarify, these are not actually things we are setting out to do in a day, these are the things that *could* naturally happen that we can mark down in our record books as a “life lesson” or “beyond school” day.


Reading – books, magazines, write a story, send someone a letter. 

Math – grocery store, build something, measuring/cooking, money, calculator, iPad/computer math.

Art – free art (go read Day #18.)

P.E – outside play, go to the park, swim. 

Character Building – running errands with Mom, visiting Dad at work, have a friend over, chores, field trips, go somewhere new.

History – educational tv shows, look through history books, research on computer, geography on iPad, google earth.

Science – nature walks, google earth, educational tv shows, spur of the moment ideas.

…and on and on and on…


Does this make sense? On days that are a bit rough and you feel like you didn’t get much accomplished, can you look at your own life lesson day template and really see how much you have done? Can you think ahead for next time and be more proactive in the moment? (for example, allowing a new reader to check off items on his own from the grocery store list, etc.)

I’ve said it dozens of times… learning opportunities are around us 24/7, let’s just recognize them for what they are and embrace that they come in so many different ways.


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