Worry Less

A friend of mine wrote about worry on her blog the other day, worry of course is something that can absolutely plague a mother, especially a homeschooling mother. We aren’t just taking on the worry of raising our children, but we’re also taking on the matter of their education. Let me say that one more time and pretend I’m saying it slowly with a determined look on my face………

we are choosing to be responsible for the things that our children learn.

their life skills
their hobbies
what they are good at
once we find what they are good at, how do we encourage them to be great in it
the balance of school vs. play
are they having a good time
are they learning enough
of what they learn will they remember any of it
will they become what they are supposed to become
will they rise to their potential
have we even shown them what their potential is
and on
and on
and on

have I scared you yet?

Here’s the amazing thing…and let it sink in…all those questions are already answered and someONE cares more about them than you do. This goes hand in hand with the day I wrote on prayer. We can’t get through the worry without a heavy dose of prayer.

Just today a feeling of worry swept over me, thinking that I wasn’t doing right by my 10 year old by the way I’m educating her. Even as I type that out a feeling of anxiety grabs at my chest. Then I hear a whisper from the only one true God who actually created my 10 year old and He is pleased with what I’m doing.

Can we try to banish worry from our hearts just a little bit? I know since we are human, women, and mothers, then we will *always* worry about something, but I believe we can fight for freedom from worry.

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