to the mother

I never knew how these 31 days would end. I wrote out all the topics I wanted to cover, but never ever did I have a last day planned. Of course I’m not going anywhere, now that I’ve started writing here I plan to keep going (maybe not every day!) but I feel like I do have so much more to say. So as I sit here, with my cup of coffee, earphones in so that I don’t hear my amazing husband doing whatever he and the kids are doing in the other room, staring at the red rose they all just came in and gave me…I feel so blessed to have gotten to know some new friends. I’ve met quite a few of you on Instagram and for that I am thankful.

This is for you….




Authentic. Real. Honest. Open. Fun. Forward. Dedicated. Determined. Raw. Someone who laughs, loud. Someone who cries, hard. A hugger, cuddler, midnight bottle feeder and rear end wiper. An ABC reciter and a number cruncher. Homemaker, career woman, hobbiest and dreamer. She puts up a good face when things don’t go as planned…or admits our plans look so very different now that we are….


I began having children over 10 years ago. 10 years ago I was just a child myself. Skinny, insecure, madly in love with my husband and not knowing what love even was all at the same time.

Then SHE was born. An 8lb 3oz stranger that dared enter my life like she owned me. And she did, my heart and soul. SHE made me a mama. 

Then HE was born. 8lbs 14oz of red haired goodness. He was the spitting image of his daddy and the immediate bond I felt with him surpassed any bond I had felt before.  HE made me a warrior.

Then SHE was born. My last baby. 9lbs 4oz of chub. Even then she had disney princess eyes and a princess attitude.  SHE made me a dreamer.

They are my whole entire world. Husband and I work hard to maintain our amazing life together because we know full well those three gifts will move away one day…but for now, those three gifts are just that…gifts.

I’m talking to just the mother today as I wrap up these past 31 days. When the heart of the matter comes down and we examine our lives, we will not be judged whether we put our children in school or homeschooled them. We won’t be judged by what curriculum we used or how much math we did in a day. We won’t be judged by if our 4 year old knows her numbers, or if our 8 year old can read or if our 16 year old is good at a sport. We won’t be judged by how clean we kept our house, or how many home cooked meals we made.

What we will be judged by is the character of our heart. Do we know Jesus, is He Lord of our lives and what did we do with that information. Did we show our children who He was? Did our kids even know they were loved by the most loving person there is? Did these kids grow up in a home that above all else covets times of worship, prayer, loves, hugs, listening to each other and to what the Lord would have to say?

Whether any of what I have said these past 31 days has made any mark on anyone, that I don’t know. But if you are a mother who today feels like she can’t do anything right, let alone school her children…I say to you…

just breathe. and let Jesus be the Lord of your life today.

He is our amazing creator. Our Father. The best teacher there ever was.

The GREAT Educator.

In fact, I’m pretty sure Jesus was homeschooled…and I’m pretty sure he turned out just fine… :)




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