Oh hello 2014!

I have to admit, I think I’m in a bit of denial that the year is over. I’ve heard that as you grow older, the years just go by faster and faster. Is that what is happening? It certainly feels like it!

One thing that I am very faithful in, is planning goals and direction for a new year. I love to take my journal, Bible and notebook somewhere quiet and have some vision casting time, just me and the Lord. I actually don’t think the quiet part will happen this year…but if a mother can’t goal set with crazy children running around the house and yelling for snacks, then I just don’t know what to tell ya :)

This year I’ve invested in my daily schedule planning and purchased a Day Designer from Whitney English. I am so excited to fill out all the q&a’s she includes to provoke thoughts about the new year! This year is shaping up to be much busier with more photo sessions, more trips, more structured school and I can see it getting all jumbled in my mind.

It wasn’t easy making the choice to purchase a planner that is so costly, but I am positive if I am diligent with using this tool, it will help keep me on track.

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Also, I just downloaded my first printables set from naptimediaries.com. I love how she creates a theme for each month and also includes phone and computer backgrounds. I want this year to be full and surrounded with reminders of God’s love for me, so what better than to put scripture on the devices that I use every day?

As always, I’m praying and thinking about what word I will choose to be my theme for this year. I began 2013 with an idea of what my word might be, and it truly did evolve into the word “Beloved.” It was a year of pressing into the Lord and truly understanding what I meant to him. I even tattooed it on myself :) (which was absolutely the best decision ever, and I mean it!)

Amy Schuff Blog

I will come back and share my word for 2014 when God reveals it to me and I would love to know if you choose a word as well.

Until then, I’m going to go put my kids to bed and watch a movie with the husband, to me it’s the absolute perfect way to ring in the New Year :)

Bye 2013.

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