My journey with Whole 30

On May 1st my husband and I began a Whole30 challenge. It comes from the website and the book “It Starts with Food” by Melissa and Doug Hartwig. For the sake of this blog post I will assume you know all about what Whole30 is, but in a nutshell, it’s a way to reset your body by eating real, healthy, good foods. The limitations are: No grains, dairy, sugar, soy, processed foods, beans, legumes, processed foods and a few other arbitrary foods that they chose to elminate. You’re supposed to eat like this for 30 days. So we decided to go for it. We both felt like we needed a jumpstart on health and this was the best way to do it.

But now we are on Day 30 and I’m very proud of us for getting here, for sticking with something so long. *Day 30 of #whole30. When I began, 30 days ago, I was excited but nervous. Nervous about what I would eat and if it would be worth it. The beginning was hard, very hard. I just didn’t want to eat healthy food. I wanted cereal and bread and cookies. Then I learned how to eat so that I wasn’t as hungry and I started to feel ok. Day 5 was horrible, on days 13-14, deep exhaustion set in and I wasn’t sure this was even doing anything for me. By the time day 17 rolled around, it just wasn’t that hard anymore. The way I was eating was a way of life and a habit. Now today marks day 30 and while I’m excited to have the freedom to eat a piece of toast with my eggs, I’m not about to throw all the good habits I learned out the window. Remember, this isn’t a wholelife, it’s a whole30, and it’s designed to reset your body so you can figure out what exactly ails you and how to eat good food.

I know you all want to know results. My results are, I can fit into my clothes. I can seriously look at my closet and put on (almost) anything I want. I lost 8lbs in 30 days, just by eating real food, and without exercising even once. That is a victory for me. There’s other small things that I can pinpoint, like being able to wake up in the morning refreshed and not needing coffee. Or just being thankful that I know the food I’m eating is fueling God’s temple and not breaking it down.
So…do I recommend doing #whole30? Yes I do. I think anyone can do it, anyone, and it will be worth it.
Will I continue to eat like this? Yes and no. I want to be able to celebrate my birthday with a piece of cake. I want to be able to sip yummy coffee with my husband on a date. I will gladly take the freedom of eating foods that are totally worth it to me. I hope beyond hope that I won’t eat foods that I know hurt my body and are not worth it.
Will I ever do another Whole30? I could definitely see myself doing this again.
The real win? I have met some amazing people through Instagram and the Whole30 challenge, and for that fact alone, it was worth it :)


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