Beloved BW Action Set for Photoshop



I am so excited to announce that I will be offering black and white actions for Photoshop (versions CC-C6)! I’ve spent such a long time on these because my heart is to make the most versatile, easy to adjust, works on as many of your images as possible, black and whites.

For many years now black and white photography has been such a passion for me. I love color and you’ll see so many color images here, but black and white speaks to me in a way color doesn’t.

I remember my Dad who was a photographer in his younger years, say to me, “Amy, with a black and white your blacks need to be black and your whites white.” It’s such a simple concept, but if you truly want a black and white image to shine, it needs to pull the highlights out and enhance the shadows.

So that is what I’ve done for you here, I’ve created 14 different black and white actions to help you find the most lovely one for your images.

Visit the For Photographers page for more info and to see more examples of the actions on images!


Amy Schuff's Black and White Actions

Amy Schuff Photography Black and White Actions


I have had numerous photographers beta test them for me and I’ve had an overwhelming response! Here are some of their images edited with one of the 14 Beloved BW’s. 

Amy Schuff Photography Photoshop Actions

Images courtesy of Mindy Newton Photography, Images from Amy and Lisa Smiley Photography

Here’s another Before & After!

Amy Schuff Black and White Photography Actions for Photoshop

Please let me know if you have any questions! I hope these actions are what you’ve been searching for!

Please visit the For Photographers page for more info!

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