Real Adventure

I’m linking up with some amazing photographers this month to show what being “real” means in this day and age full of media and popularity. The honest truth, I’m a real mom. A living, breathing, one day at a time mom. At one point, I was a world traveler. Yep…I had more stamps in my passport than any of my friends and not just because I was taking vacations. I went to places no one dared to go, or sleep, or spend more than an hour touring. I loved every minute of it. I still travel, but it’s not like before. That is absolutely fine with me though because my precious children are my calling and being their mom is what I was made for.

When we aren’t able to travel out of the country as a family, we try our hardest to have small adventures here at home. We love our city and what we do actually centers around seeing our city changed for good. So when the fair was in town, we jumped at the chance to go.

So real life right now looks like adventures to the state fair, us just being us, a family, who moves and breathes and works together, all of us doing our part so we can live each day knowing that we did our best.

After taking a peek at my photos, go visit Kelly Kuntz Photograph – Bozeman Family Photography  to see her take on “Real Adventure!”

Amy Schuff Photography Sacramento State FairAmy Schuff Photography Sacramento State Fair

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