100 days of Summer

May was a whirlwind month, and it included an amazing trip to Europe taken by just my husband and I. I have yet to go through the 2000+ photos that I took while I was there and I am very excited to share about our trip! But until then, I started a photo project on Memorial Day. It’s called, “100 days of Summer” and honestly, I’m not quite sure why it’s called that!! Technically the season isn’t Summer yet and we do school year round (so there’s no “Summer break”) but I do love that it is an excuse for me to get my camera out every single day and take photos of the world around me. Sometimes they will look like a summery image, and sometimes they won’t, but all the time they will come from my heart and showcase what our real life looks like.

Each week I’ll post a wrap up of the week’s photos, and if you want to see the images daily, you can visit my Facebook Page or my CMPro Daily Photo Feed.

Here are days 1-8 :)

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