15 years and Paris…

Today is my favorite day. August 5th. It’s the day that I get to look into my husband’s eyes and tell him (like I do often!) that I’m happy to be married to him, that I love him more than ever and that I would choose him all over again. 15 years ago today, I was a very tiny, nervous, and in love, 19 year old and I walked down an aisle towards a very tall, awkward, and in love, 23 year old. We knew absolutely nothing except for the fact that we would literally lay down our lives for each other and we both have done that again and again over the course of these 15 years.

While in Paris a couple months ago, we had a special photo session done at the Trocadero, looking out onto the Eiffel Tower. It was absolutely surreal and I am very thankful to our photographer Stacey Reeves for these priceless photos that we will cherish forever.


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Photography for Oklahoma's Families