Free 2015 Christmas Gift Organizer!!

Happy Christmas shopping! Each year I use an idea/purchased/wrapped, etc gift list organizer. Usually I scour the internet to find one that I like and use that. But this year I decided to make one catered to how I specifically buy for my friends and family.

The organizer comes with 3 pages. The first page is a cover sheet telling your family members to not peek inside! The next two pages are for names and gift ideas, what you actually bought or made (I put the cost under that column), if you wrapped it and where you hid it! I don’t know if this happens to you, but two years in a row I forgot I had bought a gift and where I had hid it. I had to rebuy gifts! I was determined to not let that happen again.

One of the pages is for multiple recipients, I use this page for extended family and friends, people that I would only purchase one or two items for. The other page has a blank line at the top where you can write a name, like one of your children whom you might purchase multiple items for. Print off as many pages as you need according to your family, (for example, I print off one cover sheet, four copies of page 2 and two copies of page 3, and then staple them all together!)

Click on any of the photos to download the organizer!






fine print: all design, words, images, holly berries, are the sole property of Amy Schuff. I thought it up, painted the berries, scanned, designed and printed. Please don’t pass this off as yours. It is free for you to use, so be amazing and pay it forward with someone in your life. And if you love it, please tell someone about it! And if you want to shop small this Christmas, please visit our Etsy Shop or Society6 Print Shop.

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