Finding School

Some days I look around and I truly wonder if the kids learned anything that day. I look back at what we did, which most likely was an abundance of errands, chores, taking deep breaths and trying to figure out what to have for dinner. I wonder if this homeschool thing is “working.” At those times I’ll I need…all you need…is to look around.

Then I see what is actually taking place.

It’s a gorgeous spirograph of learning, weaving in and out, a living breathing organism…this learning thing we are doing.

You’ll see their creations, items in their ever growing handwriting, random things to be taken apart and maybe a box or two that surely will be cut up and made into something great.

You’ll hear songs of the sea in the background as it plays on the tv.

You’ll peer into the eyes of a child who is content with just being in the same room as her siblings.

Homeschool gets done, I promise you. It just may look a little different than most people say it should look.

Photo Tip: Don’t fear your iso! A grainy photo is better than no photo at all!

All images taken with Nikon d700, 50mm 1.4f  (affiliate links) at 6400 iso. 

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Amy Schuff - Homeschooling Mom

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