February 7th, 2017

{Each day in February I will be posting a black and white image of my kids (just one or all three!) This is a personal project I take on every year. Thank you for stopping by!}

I actually took this photo two days ago, but I was saving it for today. I knew I would want a photo of at least one of the kids, and the little dog they have loved their entire lives.

Grandma and Grandpa have always had Buddy, and Buddy has been an amazing dog to them. This is the little dog that my kids grew up with, the one they don’t remember ever being without. Unfortunately he’s 15 years old and today is the day he crosses into doggie heaven :( It’s never easy, losing a pet, and today my heart hurts for my amazing in-laws and my three kids who will miss their furry uncle very much.

Amy Schuff - Sacramento, CA Photographer

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