February 9th, 2017

We went on an adventure tonight. At 8pm I still didn’t have my photo for the day and we were coming home from the grandparent’s house. Husband, the amazing, supportive guy he is, suggested we just simply stop somewhere so I can take a photo. The problem was, we’re in a pretty big storm right now and the rain has been non-stop. That didn’t stop my little family from getting behind me and doing anything I asked them to do. So we stopped into Old Sacramento, one of our favorite places. We ooohed and awwed at how high the river was and they moved their little selves around so I could take whatever photo I wanted. I had a grand scheme of having the Tower Bridge behind them, or some type of amazing landmark, taking a photo that would really be noticed, right? But when I took this image, I knew it would be my photo for the day. She was looking out over the water as we stood upon the Delta King boat that is always docked on the river. I asked to see her eyes she just simply looked at me. No grand scheme. Not technically perfect (actually, shot at 5k iso!) Just her and the city. The perfect photo for today.

Amy Schuff - Old Sacramento Photographer

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