Our Homeschool – the last few months

I admit, our homeschool life just thrives during the summer and fall. We are fair weather homeschoolers and while I am working to change that, I do take solace in the fact that all our homebody days will be a thing of the past once the weather turns sunny.  Are you like that? Or do you still love getting outside and exploring while its raining or snowing?

Here’s a little report on some of our favorite things we have done over the past few months. Of course, every day is homeschool day, but sometimes the ideas we get, or the places we go truly help to ignite that passion for learning.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to slide through a pile of photos I took, and posted, on Instagram over the past few months.  If you would like to follow along on our homeschooling journey, I’m @amyschuff on instagram and our homeschooling hashtag is #schuffkidsschool.


Multiple times we pulled out my daughter’s telescope and looked at the moon. Over the summer we could see various planets and satellites. It was one of our favorite things to do!

Amy Schuff Unschooler


Everyone native to Sacramento has visited the Railroad Museum, and if you haven’t…it is truly a must. We make sure to buy an annual membership each year so we can just pop in anytime we want!

Homeschooling with Freedom - Amy Schuff


No matter your political affiliation, we all can agree that this past election was certainly a perfect one for teachable moments. On election night, I printed out a map of the states, got out some red and blue colored pencils and our USA map puzzle, and followed along as each state turned a color. We had a really good night talking all about what could happen, how the electoral college works and how blessed we are to live in a republic.

Homeschooling with Freedom - Amy Schuff


We went on so many adventures as well, and I’ll come back to blog our huge road trip later! This guy was caught at Lake Tahoe and we were very tempted to cook him up :) Instead, we googled all about him, how to tell if he really was a she and how to care for crawdads. No, we didn’t bring him/her home :)

Nature School - Amy Schuff

Scroll through our photos here, and if you have any questions for me, about what we did or a product we use, just use the comment section here, drop me a message or catch me on IG!

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