A February of Black and Whites

This is my 8th year photographing every February in black and white. I have to admit, I was not ready for today. For example, it is 6pm on February 1st and I am just now posting my first daily photo. My little family is in the middle of a huge home renovation (as I’ve said over and over, when will it end??!) The thought of taking  a photo every single day for a whole month is so daunting! But I LOVE this project, love love love it. I look forward to it every single year and I won’t skip because of a little sheetrock dust.

So my photos this year my look very very simple, they may look chaotic, they may not have the poise and the grace that other years have had or that other photographers can achieve in the middle of what we’re going through. But nonetheless, I’m going to take and post and pray that this month comes out as a perfect reminder of this short season in our lives.

Thank you for hanging out with me, spending time looking at my photos and holding me up while the routine of life is upset. I feel very, very blessed and I pray my photos can be an encouragement to you.


Amy Schuff - Black and White photographer

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