February 28th, 2018


And with this photo…my 28 days of black and white images are complete. This by far has been the hardest month ever to complete a photo challenge. With homeschool, running a business and renovating a home, I truly thought this would be the year I’d have to give up. A huge thank you to my husband, because no matter how many times I said, “I think I’m gonna skip today’s picture,” he would promptly say, “No way.”

I end every year with a photo just like this one. I’m sure you can see the freezing cold in their faces and the wind in their hair, but man I love these kids and how willing they are to let me photograph them. I told them a long time ago that it made me so happy, and they have taken that to heart.

I hope that you had a wonderful month! Please continue to hang around my blog as I get to posting more about our renovation! I have a lot of fun blog posts coming up about the house, as well as catching up on posting my client’s photos!

Amy Schuff Sacramento Child Photographer

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