A Before and After…(also titled, “Why hire a professional?”)

I wanted to take a moment and share one of the reason why we hire professionals to take our photos. I do, my clients do, and I very much hope you do! My greatest hope is that you hire me…but as long as you are getting your photos taken by someone who is good at what they do, I am happy! The first and foremost thing a photographer needs to do is take technically correct photos with their camera. They need to know the ins and outs of their camera, to be able to turn the dials without looking and be able to see the light in any situation. Also, they need a fluent grasp of photo editing software. This example I’m going to show you is extreme, I don’t usually need or have to edit a photo this much. But I had a vision when I saw this wall. I knew exactly what I wanted the photo to look like when I was done with it, and that meant spending sometime in photoshop. Notice the overall color and technical aspect of the photo hasn’t changed much, but the surroundings have.

So please keep that in mind when you hire a professional! Will they be able to see past the dumpsters and moving trucks? Or will they pass on by, missing a most wonderful photo? And next time your photographer moves you close to the, “customer parking only” signs, I hope you trust that they will achieve something great for you!

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Photography for Oklahoma's Families