A February of Black and Whites

Here we are, February 2019. It snuck up on me, and while everyone has been complaining that January was a long month…I felt it flew by! I almost didn’t do my February challenge this year, with all of the busyness of life! But my husband, who is my biggest fan, says he looks forward to it every year, and I HAVE to do it! So here you go love…this year it’s for you!

Unfortunately and very fortunately, right smack in the middle of this month we are taking an out of country trip. So as I still will be shooting daily, I’ll have to search for wifi to be able to post. So I may need to catch up when I get back!

Also, this project is in addition to the 365 that I’m taking on this year! I haven’t posted any of my photos to my blog, but I’ve been shooting semi-daily for the whole month of January and I have well over 31 favorites for the month. My goal is to grow in my talent this year and the only way I can do that is to shoot!

So thank you for stopping by, and I hope you stick around daily with me. You can subscribe to blog posts down at the bottom of my site or follow me on Instagram where I’ll be posting daily!

I call this one… “Two out of three children approve this message.” :) :)


Amy Schuff Black and White photographer in Sacramento



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