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Oh sister…(sacramento child & family photographer)

….did she ever give me a run for my money!! Being three years old is tough stuff…but lucky for her I happen to think three year olds are super cool :) Those curls and the smile she would give me every now and then won my heart over completely. I hope I get to see...

All Boy…

He had a blast this weekend playing in the sun, getting super sandy and drenched in the ocean. His skin got tan, his freckles came out and his hair got redder. He’s pretty much a big deal :) Day 3…my boy.  

In the meadow…

Little sister got to dance in the flowers and now it was big sister’s turn. These flowers have all but dried up now, I will miss them so much.

Hello Handsome…(Sacramento Child Photographer)

…It’s nice to see you again :)    I visited friends in Ohio and Indiana a couple months ago and took some photos of their families! This is just one photo from my trip. I will share more soon! There were are *a lot* of gorgeous kids to photograph!

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