100 Days of Summer (part 4)

Instead of each day wondering what kind of photo to take, I wake up wondering what memory I will want to freeze. Each day has it’s own joy and I want photos that we can look back on and remember what happened…



Like how we found a perfectly intact butterfly while we camped in Tahoe (which unfortunately, one of us pulled an antenna off of it!)




Like how it is still light outside when it’s time for the kids to get ready for bed…




Like how my nephew eats his apple, sinking his teeth into it over and over until the apple is barely eaten and it’s forgotten in the grass…July1-3web




Like how we made a special trip to Home Depot to pick out a cactus and amazingly it is still alive after a few weeks…




Like how restrictions on sugar are very few and far in-between…and that’s ok because they run it off in the sprinklers, pool or bikes…




And when Captain America waved to them at the 4th of July parade, putting a smile on their faces…




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