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A Birth Experience Sneak Peek

She was born only 20 minutes after I got to the birth center. Her mommy is pretty amazing and I was honored to be there. Welcome to the world sweet baby girl! ps. Interested in having your birth experience captured? Please click here so we can chat about birth photography!

Calm before the storm…a birth in Roseville

I love, while capturing births, the times when all is calm and peaceful…it’s like one of the last moments to soak in some quiet, reflect on their marriage and how far they’ve come. It’s beautiful… To inquire about birth photography, please email Amy at

Smitten…(Roseville Birth Photographer)

Yes I do say they are…we all are…he’s absolutely perfect.   I’m passionate about birth photography. If you would like to talk about choosing me as your birth photographer, or would just like some more information on why you should have your birth photographed, please email me at this link. I look forward to hearing...

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