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A February of Black and Whites

Here we are, February 2019. It snuck up on me, and while everyone has been complaining that January was a long month…I felt it flew by! I almost didn’t do my February challenge this year, with all of the busyness of life! But my husband, who is my biggest fan, says he looks forward to...

100 Days of Summer (part 4)

Instead of each day wondering what kind of photo to take, I wake up wondering what memory I will want to freeze. Each day has it’s own joy and I want photos that we can look back on and remember what happened…     Like how we found a perfectly intact butterfly while we camped...

100 days of Summer (part 3)

This challenge is beginning to be much more eclectic than I set out for it to be! Instead of just capturing Summer images, I’m finding myself capturing moments I just want to remember. That is why I take photos in the first place, for myself or for other people. So we can remember.

100 days of Summer – part 2

Once June 1st came, I quit numbering my 100 days and just went to labeling them the date they were taken! I do know by now I’ve officially been shooting daily for three weeks…and I still love it. Here’s what has been happening since June 1st.

100 days of Summer

May was a whirlwind month, and it included an amazing trip to Europe taken by just my husband and I. I have yet to go through the 2000+ photos that I took while I was there and I am very excited to share about our trip! But until then, I started a photo project on...

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