A little girl’s dream…

I remember one family gathering when I was a young girl, we were at my Aunt’s house I believe (a place that we didn’t go very often). These family reunions happened once a year, mostly at Christmastime. Now as a young woman I understand why we had such distance, but at the time I didn’t understand it at all.

At this particular reunion my Aunt took me into her garage to show me a dollhouse, complete with furniture and dolls. It was beautiful, it was more than my little eyes had ever beheld and it was not to be played with. Another thing I couldn’t understand.

As their Christmas present, my husband made our girls a doll house. It had always been my dream that if I ever had a little girl, she would have a doll house and she could play with every inch of it. It turns out that my husband had the same dream too. Pink shutters, a chandelier, a picture of our family hanging in the living room, twinkle lights and carpet…it was all put together with our two little girls in mind. As soon as the girls opened it, they put in all the little dolls they could find, they filled the rooms with beds and created furniture with whatever they could find. I love their imaginations.

I have to admit…I love it too. At one point I told my husband I’m not sure who he was making it for…the girls or me.

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