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Every now and then I get an email full of questions about photography. What has happened in the past is that I would take the time to write it, be personal about it…and then the person who asked never writes back, *sigh*.  So here’s a Q&A post that more than just one person can benefit from. If you have any questions that you would like to see featured on the blog, shoot me an email at amy@amyschuffphotography.com or click the contact link above.

These are the top three questions I get asked…

1. What camera do you use and what lens do you prefer?

I use a Nikon d300s and I always, always have my Nikkor 50mm 1.8f on my camera. The 50mm is a wonderful lens, very affordable and every beginning photographer with a dslr should have it in their camera back. It is a great lens to learn on. The 50mm is a “prime” lens, meaning it does not zoom. I prefer primes because they make me move fast, keep me sharp on my feet and I just don’t like having to zoom a lens.

2. What editing software do you use?

I shoot in RAW and edit slightly in Adobe Camera Raw and then finish off the photo in Photoshop CS4. I manage my photos with Bridge. I’ve only been shooting in RAW for a few months…and I LOVE it. It makes my editing time so much faster.

3. How do you get your client’s eyes so sharp? They always look so full of light.

First off…thank you! That is a true compliment and that is also a great question! I get asked that a lot because what makes a photo?? The Eyes. Ask any photographer and they will tell you, taking photos is ALL about the light in their eyes. When you are about to take a photo of your subject, make sure they are in great light, whether that is in a corner of a room by a window, or under a big shade tree away from harsh sun, or in the bathtub where the white of the walls will reflect into their eyes. Your subject needs to be looking slightly up and turn their body until you see the catch lights in their eyes. When you’ve got it, focus your camera on either eye and shoot.

image recipe:  2.5f, 1/100, iso800 – the light is coming from a large window in front of her (behind me).

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