The little house that could…

I thought it would be fun to include on my blog the upcoming home renovations and redo’s we have going on. This summer is going to be a lot of fun with painting projects! I’m all over design blogs, house decorating sites, I’m a fool for Pinterest, Houzz, I subscribe to House Beautiful magazine and have my own idea book (online AND in a very large full three ring binder). I love seeing other people’s success stories and images. Hopefully I will have some to share too! Since we bought our little house 2 years ago, I have come to realize my own decorating style and can’t wait to really put it into practice.

So the exterior of our house right now is white with teal green trim. I’m not joking. It has beautiful brick on the garage and side of the house, but the previous owners thought it would be grand to paint matching teal on every other brick. My husband has painstakingly scrubbed off 99% of the teal on the bricks, but it still needs one more good once over with the paint thinner (that is actually acid that burned my poor husband’s arm.)

As soon as we are 100% sure that no rain is in sight (which is soon!) we are painting the exterior of the house. These are my inspiration photos (all taken from pinterest, follow the photos to be taken to their origins).  Obviously, I love porches, I love overhangs and I love farmhouses…all of which I do not have! Now if I could just transport us into a modern farmhouse, then I would! But maybe I can pretend we live in a barn and paint the outside of my house like one! We don’t have shutters either, but will add them if we decide to go that way. So if you’ve got a great pinterest board that you think I would love…let me know!

(You can see the actual color of our house behind Zach…and before anyone says they like the teal…no we are NOT keeping it!!)

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