The love between them…(pinkletoes workshop)

I only spent a few moments with them, this couple, watching their excitement, their anticipation. She’s a new mom. She’s been carrying her baby for 9 months now and any day he/she will enter the world and upset every single thing she has planned or is accustomed to doing. This little plan upsetter will be the best thing that has ever happened to her. The world will suddenly look worse than she thought and more beautiful than ever all at the same time. She’ll look into her husband’s eyes and not just see the young man she married, but a vulnerable father who turns to mush when he holds his son or daughter. Soon she will forget what life was like without the little stranger they welcomed into their home. Soon she’ll wonder how she’ll ever be able to let her child go when the time comes for that young person to see the world how it was meant to be seen through their independent eyes.

Yes life will change…but she’s ready. He’s ready. Their love is ready. Hurry up baby…

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