Real Life…

My family has been plagued with the flu for about 2 weeks now. We canceled Easter plans, and canceled the Easter plans that we made after we canceled our original Easter plans! The kids have been out of school for two weeks straight, one week of no school because they were sick and another week of no school because of Easter vacation. Abby getting to school on Monday looks pretty iffy as well.  All three kids have had it at one time or another, today Abby is on round 2 and the pathetic photo of Lily down there is her just today. What else can you do except for lay on the couch, watch movies and sleep. There’s been a steady stream of apple juice, popsicles and frosties at my house.

Everything has been put on hold except for…oh…a whole fireplace remodel!! I’m only half going out of my mind and am praying that the kids come out of this sickness soon. And no…please don’t call me in to be on an episode of “Hoarders” the last photo was of my living room on fireplace demo day. I’m STILL cleaning up the dust!! I sure had fun though…when I post the “After” pics I’ve got a fun video for you, let’s just say it includes me and a sledgehammer. Oh! And how could I forget our family getting used to a new dog?? (he got a haircut if you can tell!)

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