Well Hello There…

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…it’s been awhile!

The kids are finally on the mend and I think this is the last we will see of fevers, long nights and multiple doctor visits for awhile. We finally were told that Abby had strep throat, I just wish we had caught it 3 weeks ago! I really am just so thankful that the issues we deal with over here are just not that important compared to other places in the world. A little bit of strep is nothing really…but these kids *are* my world and what happens to them happens to me. At one point Abby asked when I thought she would be well. I wanted to have an answer for her so badly.

So now I have the task of getting all of us back to normal and into our routine. I’ve got orders to fill, photos to edit and even though the house doesn’t look at all like the horrid picture in the blog post below…it could use a visit from the cleaning lady (aka…ME)!

A little bit of business…I have one session open in May and I am booking now for June, July and August. August is expected to fill extremely fast since I will be out of town for a week and also because holiday sessions start in August (can you believe I just said Holiday Sessions??)

I just introduced brand new collections (that in my opinion, are truly wonderful and amazing) and am running an extremely nice incentive for clients who book for May and June. If you would like more info, click here to fill out my contact form!

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