June Photo Challenge Day 2: What You Wore Today…

Day 2 of this month’s photo challenge, I have to admit…I had such a fun birthday party last night that I stayed in my pj’s for most of the day today! Yesterday will definitely go down in history as my best birthday ever. I went to a very fancy dinner with my husband and best friends, then they surprised me with a limo. How cool is that?? But here’s a glimpse into what I truly feel is a good time…we went back home in the limo and the Grandparents woke up the kids so they could go for a little spin around the corner with us! The kids are still talking about it! Then after dropping the kids back off we went and got coffee :) We know how to live it UP!

Anyway, I did finally put on normal clothes today because I had errands to run, a nephew to look after, a daughter to be a role model to, blah blah, I’m sure I could have done all of that in my sweats!

Day #2: What You Wore Today, which is usually my normal uniform, comfy jeans, comfy shirt/sweater and either my comfy Converse or comfy flats. After wearing heels last night, it was a Converse kinda day :)

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