June Photo Challenge Day 3: Clouds

I had to take a picture of clouds today. I figured, not so hard, I’ll just point my camera up to the sky and there you go…except that California weather is having a personality disorder and the whole sky is one big cloud. It should not be this cold in June! We should either be dripping with sweat from the cloudless sky and 100 degree weather or there should be nice little white puffs of clouds just working their way along the blue bright sky. I have neither of those things.

So I turned clouds into cloudy and here is my artsy little attempt at cloudiness. It wasn’t taken with a fancy macro lens just my plain ole’ 50mm and natural light. I threw on some photoshop layers so it looked like my favorite hues and there you go.

Day 3: Clouds…uh…Cloudy.

Image recipe: 3.5f, 1/400, iso 1000


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