Photography Challenge: Bokeh

I am still doing my photography challenge, I ended up taking a much longer break than I had planned though! So stick with me, I’ll be posting into July and finishing up soon. The point of a photo challenge is to just keep shooting. If you have gotten behind on something, like I have with this challenge, don’t beat yourself up! Just jump back into it and make your own rules :)

So I’m jumping back in with a fun challenge…Bokeh.

Bokeh is a Japanese word which means “blur” or “haze”. It is a description of what happens when the background of your subject is blurry, hazy and full of beautiful little dots, lines or interesting shapes. Interesting Bokeh is very easy to achieve with a sharp lens and wide aperture. This photo for example was taken with my 85mm at 2.2f. The 85mm gives absolutely beautiful bokeh, I always put it on my camera when I want the background to be gorgeously blurry.

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